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18.12.12 - 21.03.13


Give yourself, even sooner, to the active spirit.
This is the spirit of your age.
- Stratis Doukas, Meditations

In these times of crisis and uncertainty, POTNIA THIRON - Βank of Attention is endeavouring to organise a different kind of exhibition, one distinct in terms of both substance and manner.

The inspiration behind this initiative derives from a designation expressed at the beginning of the previous century, related to a credit institution and its business activity. The exhibition poses the question of the ‘negotiation’ of this ‘spirit’ today, within the contemporary environment; that is, the display detaches the designation from the historical framework to which it refers and transfers it to / tests it within the sphere of the organisation of an artistic event.

The exhibition is based on a broadening of the content of its exhibits, as its ‘unit’ is the ‘aesthetic object’—i.e. that which we react against and describe in aesthetic terms. At the same time, an attempt will be made to test a new way of transacting, and this will demand the incessant renewal of the exhibition. Three live mini-performances—from the worlds of puppet theatre, song and dance—will also be forming a part of the display. These will be repeated regularly throughout the course of the exhibition.

The very process of organising the exhibition has, in itself, incorporated fermentation and adjustment to special circumstances. This spirit will remain active during the exhibition run as well.

The exhibition ‘Spirit Fermenting according to the Circumstances’ will include creations by Costas Tsoclis, Yannis Moralis, Alekos Skoutariotis (Sonke), Dimitris Ntokos (dmsntok), Ettore Sottsass, F.M.R. (limited editions), George Kouvakis, Eleni Georgiadi, Aliki Panopoulou, Andrew Michael Clements...

As noted, the display will be complemented by performances by Eleni Voyiatzidou and Alexandros Seitaridis (puppet theatre), Natassa Aretha (dance) and the ‘Peristassiakoi’ (the ‘Circumstantials’), featuring Alexandros Iliakis (vocals) and Manos Tzanoudakis (keyboards).
The exhibition opens on Monday, 17 December 2012, and will be running through Thursday, 21 March 2013