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Alecos Fassianos

Eternal Comeback

30.05.07 - 22.06.07

The Potnia Thiron Contemporary Art Gallery is opening its doors to the public on May 29, 2007 with Alecos Fassianos’ Eternal Comeback.
Between May 30 and June 22, 2007 the Potnia Thiron Contemporary Art Gallery—which is supported by but not part of art.emis*, a not-for-profit company (and not vice versa)—will be staging an exhibition of Fassianos’ new work and marking the start of its programme and its activities in Greece and, through its Internet presence, another six markets: Italy, Turkey, Russia, Britain, France and Germany.
While Fassianos has not exhibited in a commercial Greek gallery for over a decade, he has staged important exhibitions in Greece and abroad (for instance, up to 2004, at the Greek National Gallery, Athens, the Galerie Beaubourg in Paris, and the Galerie Pudelko in Bonn). The artist is making yet another comeback today, exhibiting 8 large-scale works** at the Potnia Thiron gallery along with the cover of the exhibition catalogue*** and of six new **** lithographs and stencils.
Fassianos has also designed a desk (in two copies) entitled/christened “Man-pillars”.
Between May 31 and June 3, 2007 the Potnia Thiron Contemporary Art Gallery will also be taking part in Art Athina, Re-start, in both the Basic***** and Open****** Plan categories under Elisavet Lyra.


*The Art.emis manifesto, “How do to things with others”, is to be published to coincide with the grand opening (How to do things with others – By way of introduction) with a text by Konstantinos Tzamiotis, the author and playwright, and a prologue by Helene Philippachi, the director of art.emis (Design: FRONT / Sakis Stritsidis, Printing: Nereus Art editions / Vasilis Katoufas, Editing: Thodoris Matatsis, copyright: art.emis).

** 1. City wings 153 x 199 cm
2. Announcement 203 x 213 cm
3. Swallows 203 x 213 cm
4. The dragon slayer 141 x 99 cm
5. Lysander on an Athenian balcony 177 x 102 cm
6. The standard-bearer 177 x 102 cm
7. Stolen glances 205 x 215 cm
38 Rose light 138 x 133 cm

*** Cover artwork: Untitled, 31 x 27.5 cm (Catalogue editor: Alecos Fassianos, Catalogue printing: Nereus Art editions / Vasilis Katoufas, copyright Potnıa Theron).

****3 lithographs: The bicycle carrier 92 x 66 cm, Pussycat, too 67 x 91 cm, Friends with bicycles 65 x 45 cm; 3 stencils: Seafarer 84 x 66 cm and Aah! in red and blue, 43 x 64 cm each.

*****Basic Plan: in collaboration with art.emis, presenting work by Fassianos.

******Open Plan: in collaboration with the Haunch of Venison Contemporary Art Gallery, presenting work by Jorge Pardo.