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Stelios Karamanolis / Εlias Kafouros / Toula Ploumi

small detail – BIG DEAL?

18.03.09 - 30.04.09

small detail – BIG DEAL 7

Three artists - Stelios Karamanolis (1977), Elias Kafouros (1978) and Toula Ploumi (1980)—will be showing their work in POTNIA THIRON’s first ever group show, “small detail – BIG DEAL?”, which will be opening on March 17, 2009.
The three have been collaborating for some time now preparing for a diptych of exhibitions; developing their work individually, they have simultaneously focused on the clash between the ‘continuous’ and the ‘momentary’. The show constitutes the starting-point for a tight narration of reality and its extensions.
Detail, Corruption, Alienation, Complacency, Vanity, Pseudo-reassessment, Identity—key words in the work of all three, who will be attempting to repeat their collaboration just three months after “small detail – BIG DEAL?” (June 2009) in a second show entitled “It’s probably not what you asked of me...” at Potnia Thiron.
The exhibition catalogue’s introductory text, which is being translated into six languages, was written by the author Alexis Stamatis.

“small detail – BIG DEAL?”
Opening: Tuesday 17.03.09, 20.30 – 23.30
Dates: 18.03.09 – 30.04.09

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