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Maria Marhsall

New Frontier, Sundance Film Festival 2009

16.01.09 - 24.01.09

New Frontier Sundance Film Festival 2009 5
Maria Marshall
New Frontier, Sundance Film Festival 2009
16 - 24.01.2009

Maria Marshall is featured artist at the New Frontier, Sundance Film Festival 2009

International artist Maria Marshall is the main independent filmmaker at this year’s New Frontier (the celebrated artist Pierre Huyghe was the focal point of the Frontier screenings in 2007). She has also been commissioned by a New York Foundation to make a six-screened installation entitled The appropriation.

Maria Marshall has been a known quantity in Greece since her “Sirens” exhibition in October 2007. Staged at the Potnia Thiron gallery in Athens, the show centred around Sofikon Epidaurus 31.08.07, a work she shot on 35mm in Greece for Greece.

The Sundance Festival is the most important independent film festival in the US. Now in its 25th year, the Festival presents the world premiers of works by independent filmmakers from around the world every January in Park City, Utah.

Seminal works by Maria Marshall like When I grow up I want to be a cooker and Playground (both of which are now in museum collections) will be screened daily between January 16 and 24. Other internationally celebrated films from her oeuvre including Lollipop, I should be older than all of you, and Don’t let the TRex get the children will also be shown in festival screens and external venues.

Potnia Thiron has decided to mark Maria Marshall’s participation in the Sundance Film Festival with a book of stills from her film 58 Days Later; the volume will be presented in Greece in the spring of 2009.
The film was made in Chennai, India, in a place where “the tsunami devastated the shore and took many lives”. The exhibition catalogue and press releases will be on display at New Frontier on Main in the lounge area along with the gallery’s posters and promotional material for the artist.